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The first meeting of the Rochester Bowls Club was held on the 24th July 1907, with the first President being S. Haisman. Construction of the green began on the land in Moore St in from the old Police Camp , soil was taken from the river bank and sand from Mr Doherty’s paddock to form a base for the new green, Finance for the green was raised by issuing 30 debentures at two pound each. The Green was officially opened by the Echuca Shire Council in 1907, and play commenced in earnest shortly after. Electricity was connected to the Club Pavilion in 1916.


In October 1946 the land in Victoria St was purchased at a cost of 128 pounds & 14 shillings, and construction on the new site commenced in 1947, the new green was officially opened in 1949.


In August 1964 the construction of a new pavilion commenced, and more alterations were made over the years and the club is as you see it now.


Original Clubhouse Victoria Street 1959.






 What Is Happening Around the Club



Another warm week causing cancellations and postponements throughout the bowls program .            The forecast for next week looks no better as  the hot weather will continue.

Midweek pennant was cancelled last Friday’

Weekend Pennant was more fortunate as a drop in temperature made for a pleasant day.

Rochester Division 1 came to play and they recorded a much needed win against Rich River. 

Garth Wiffen,Bruce Major,Bob Knight,Robert Clayton defeated T Noar 38-16,

David Keenan,Cameron Keenan,Les Walles,Bill Anderson defeated S Barker 34-12, 

Richard Feuk,Kelvin Wiffen,Peter Holzer,Don Gillies lost to G Radford 22-30.

The Rochester Hotel Meal winners were Garth Wiffen’s team on a countback from David Keenan’s .The countback was done by Robert Clayton and Bruce Major.


Division 2 travelled to City of Echuca and lost by 46 shots.

John Weeks,Helen Holzer,Allan Crilly,Greg Watkins lost to T Egan 18-26,

Brian Jones,John Boyd,Francis Keech,Peter Stack lost to N West 15-33,

Gerard Browne,Leigh Milgate,Tim Quinlan,Kevin Burrow lost to J Browne 11-31.


Division 3 played at home to City of Echuca and went down by 17 shots.

Clive Usher,Anton Gusak,Jenny Major,Kevin Hall defeated Rhonda Gallagher 28-13,

Hedley Moon,Mal Macraild,Kevin Dobson,Ron Gledhill lost to L Whyte 18-28 

Ross Turner,Graeme Chambers,David Marshall,Don Thompson lost to D Portwine 13-35.


Division 4 travelled to City of Echuca and lost by 52 shots.

Mick Ellis,Des Hocking,Brock Keenan,Noel Sexton defeated M Bennett 27-21,

Allan Benson,Graham Prince,Rod McAsey,Sonia Keenan lost to J Hollowood 15-41,

David Murray,Norm Christie,Bert Smolenaars,Bill Ault lost to D Hicks 11-43.

A decision will be made on Tuesday (today) in regards to the outcome of last week’s round of pennant. After (or IF) the ladders are readjusted it makes for an very close and interesting run home in the last four rounds. All  Rochester Divisions with a bit of luck  have a chance to make the finals.

Now let’s deal with the postponements over the last week or so. Ladies Drawn Pairs first round is now to be played on Tuesday February 5th, and the Ladies 21 up final to be played on a date to be advised.

The Men’s Drawn Triples will now be played on Tuesday February 12th starting at 6pm. 

The Jack Baker Fours has been transferred to mid February (date to be set).

More entries are needed  for these 2 events, The above events will be played weather permitting.

The Crakerjack Mixed Fours is on Tuesday January 29th,starting time 5pm. 

The Campaspe Classic Men’s Fours is on Sunday 17th starting at 9-30 am.


Club event games played were not as many owing to the heat. 

100 up Bruce Major defeated Graham Prince.

Club Pairs Clive Usher /Des Hocking defeated Ross Turner / Peter a close fought game. Turner/Stack got off to a 9-2 lead after 7 ends  and Usher/Hocking got back into the game and drew level 10 all at 13 ends. Turner /Stack got one on the 14th end before Usher/Hocking  picked up a four on the final end to win by 3 shots.

A snippet from the past –Campaspe News June 10th 1975.  Rochester Shire Council voted 5-2 to allow Rochester bowls Club to apply for a Liquor Licence. A quote for one Councillor who was a bowler said, “He realised the pitfalls of liquor, but Bowlers are mature people (only a small handful at our club). Experience in Clubs throughout the district show that moderate drinking has done no harm and is very good for the social side of the Club. I have never seen any indulgence at the Clubs".


Don’t forget to put your name on the list in the foyer for Friday teas .The $8 meal proved very popular last week so it is on special again this week. Must have your name on the list before 5-30 am on Friday morning.






For information on coaching/ open days please contact the following.


David Keenan 0458335148


Marg Knight 0407093848

                    5484 3444


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