Rochester Bowls Club Inc.


31 Victoria Street,

Rochester, Vic 3561

Ph: (03)5484 1105 





The first meeting of the Rochester Bowls Club was held on the 24th July 1907, with the first President being S. Haisman. Construction of the green began on the land in Moore St in from the old Police Camp , soil was taken from the river bank and sand from Mr Doherty’s paddock to form a base for the new green, Finance for the green was raised by issuing 30 debentures at two pound each. The Green was officially opened by the Echuca Shire Council in 1907, and play commenced in earnest shortly after. Electricity was connected to the Club Pavilion in 1916.


In October 1946 the land in Victoria St was purchased at a cost of 128 pounds & 14 shillings, and construction on the new site commenced in 1947, the new green was officially opened in 1949.


In August 1964 the construction of a new pavilion commenced, and more alterations were made over the years and the club is as you see it now.


Original Clubhouse Victoria Street 1959.






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For information on coaching/ open days please contact the following.


David Keenan 0458335148


Marg Knight 0407093848

                    5484 3444


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